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"The Glitz Package"


"The Glitz Package"

Our new Glitz package has 

(Goddess) by Technic pressed powder pigment pallet. These gorgeous colours are stunning for any makeup enthusiast with a shimmery range of golds, greens,bronze,pinks plus a matte black and brown!!

W7 Diamonds are Forever!! This silver, sparkly, highlighting pressed powder is absolutely amazing.. Very sparkly, looks glamorous all over body, and extremely eye-catching!! The lid has a glittery cover which slowly drips down when holding it, utter Fabulous for your dressing table!!

Coco lashes by Bahama Lashes!! These are super sexy lashes, they fan out to the ends..fabulously flirty!!

Technic metallic rose pink body brush..this is uber soft, very dense. Angled to contour your body and face. So lush...


Grab this Glitz package before it sells out!! Perfect for a treat or gift set!! 

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