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Wig Care

Wig Care:

Luscious Luxe wigs are made from high quality fibres and although synthetic will need specific care to keep the longevity of your beautiful wig looking good for longer.

Please read our tips and tricks for getting the best out of your wig.

Washing our wigs is really simple and with a little care will have your curls bouncing back with little or no frizz.

1. Wash your wig in luke warm water, using either a little wig shampoo or own favourite. Swish gently then carefully hand rinse.. avoiding to scrub. Do not towel or blow dry  your wig as this will leave a curly wig looking frizzy and knotty afterwards. Once rinsed hang out or lay your wig to dry naturally in a well ventilated area.

2. Once dry you may wish to shake out a little, finger through areas and snip out any tangles, Never use a comb or brush as this will make your curly wig very frizzy and more tangled.

3.Once your wig has been preened and pampered wear with pride, some may use a little styling product but this will vary from customer and would only recommend to use on the edges.

How to wear:

Our wigs are very easy and comfortable to wear and easy to remove with out damaging your own hair.

Our half wigs have 2 combs one to the front and 1 to the back with stretchy sides which can fit most head sizes and shapes. You can wear a half wig by blending the front sections of your own hair making the wig look like totally your own hair, If you wanted a quicker style you can also wear with a beautiful head scarf or band. The beauty of our wigs is that you can style your own individual way to suit you..

Our full wigs have adjustable side straps and can be easily styled, once received out of the packaging shake and shape to your desire..

Our hair pieces are easily attached, the pontyails are drawstring with combs inside and can simply be put on over a small bun, high or low your look.. Our fringes can be attached with 2 clips and can blend well with own hair.